Our Approach
We work with our clients to address their immediate and foreseeable needs. We strive to not only engage the best data management practices, but to do so in a manner which is the best fit for our clients given their resources and budgetary restrictions. We understand teams have strengths and challenges, and we work with leadership to capitalize on those areas which will result in the best brand of success they can garner – without losing sight of precious opportunities which may yet to be realized.

Nonprofit organizations often must do with less than they need. Decisions have to be made about where resources should be directed in an effort to allow it to pursue its mission. Too often we have found operating inefficiencies because of the need to be budget conscience. We understand difficult choices have to be made. This pressure can often be painfully short-sighted resulting in higher operating expenses. 

Our clients find an investment in the improvement of their database operations is just that. It is an investment. It pays dividends. More money can be raised, because they are able to more accurately target and segment their constituents. Less money is very often spent, because they do not exhaust scarce resources preparing data outside the database only to unknowing push bad contact information. These expenses – print, postage, data preparation – are perpetual. They often continue without notice. The cost of bad analytics can be immeasurable as Stakeholders question the validity and integrity of the fundraising and development services operations. 

Our goal is to partner with our clients to the point where they can call us as needed during the vast improvement of their information management operations … only to all but forget about us once they are up and running. We teach fundraisers to fish; only it is data they are catching. 

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